Monday, November 8, 2010

How I Started Crafting...

As a kid my Sunday afternoons were often spent sprawled out on the basement floor surrounded by my project of the moment - be it beaded anklets, clay sculptures or a pastel landscape. I've always loved creating something new (and colorful!) out of nothing. The root of my crafty-spirit has to be attributed to my mom, who is quite the crafty diva herself! The handmade Halloween costumes she made for my sister and I each year were always the envy of every other princess or jester on the block. And she was always willing to make a trip to Ben Franklin or Micheal's when the urge for a new project - no matter how many paint stains ended up on the basement floor.

Several years, and several art lessons later, my urge to create pretty, fun things in whatever shape or form is still going strong!

This is part of Etsy CREST's November Blog Carnival, "How I Started Crafting." 
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